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Monday, June 8, 2009

Nipsey Hussle: The Hussle Way

Nipsey is really dropping some classic music right now. If you are not up on Nipsey Hussle you need to check this out. That boy Nipsey goin hard in the streets and the studio right now. Shout out to Nipsey Hussle and the Slauson boys. Gotta support West Coast artists. Wessst!
Link http://www.4shared.com/file/109054116/e03e17e4/Nipsey_Hussle_-_The_Hussle_Way__Produced_by_Phonix_5STARHIPHOPCOM.html

Joe Budden Vs. Redman, Method Man, and Busta Rhymes

Joe Budden is throwing shots at Method Man , Redman, and Busta Ryhmes. He says he would win if it came to a battle between Method Man being that he is more relevant. In response to a Power 105.1 interview in which Method Man claims Buddens has been "..trying to get his foot in the door since Def Jam benched him." Buddens says... "Get my foot in what door? They keep talking about doors i am running away from. I've had offers from major labels, I dont want it, I dont want it." When asked what he feels about it Busta Rhymes says "I think that was a very big disrespect and he might of needed to get slapped in his face or it , thats just how i feel about it." Well lets see how this one plays out, he is going up against some heavyweights. He better come out swinging.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chamillionaire Retires

Okay, so i'm sure you've heard that Chamillionaire plans to retire from the mixtape game. I thought he was retiring from the rap game. Would you have really cared if Chamillionaire stopped rapping today and never came back? I mean, would it make a difference to the rap game? It's not like he was dropping consistent fire. I'm pretty sure your fans will forget about you and start buying the Jonas Bros. albums, you shared the same fanbase anyways. RULING: GOOD RIDDANCE

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Trick Daddy Disses Rick Ross

Hmmm, i've heard this flow before. Anyways Trick Daddy is trying to capitalize off (Officer) Rick Ross because he is a easy target right now. Being so he could have came harder than that. Rick Ross might be able to win this one. I'll post a reply to this song if Ross Releases one.
This The Shit That I Live (Rick Ross Diss) - Trick Daddy
Link http://usershare.net/ygg1w1r4aqj1

Lil Wayne Releases 'Kobe Bryant' Song

Obvoiusly, Lil' Wayne is a Kobe Bryant fan. I personally like this song because it is very original even though he uses his signature flow. I know West Coast artists are mad because they didn't think to do the song first. Would you bump it in your car on the regular or just listen to it once? You be the judge.
Link http://usershare.net/q8mw1e40gxwn

Jay-z Death Of Auto Tune.

Seems like Jay-z only decends upon the game when rappers start fu*kin it up. If I put in so much work for hip hop I couldn't sit back and watch it die either. Perfect timing Jay.
"Only rapper to re-write history without a pen.." -Jay-z (D.O.A) Death Of Autotune
Link http://www.zshare.net/audio/610078400755c191/